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We can help you save on your monthly heating bills

By inspecting your home we can see where it is losing energy though the walls and roof

We can stop the loss of energy out of the home

If you have found cold spots in your home then it could be due to escaping heat, we can have a look to see where needs extra insulation

Enjoy a warm home, starve off that winter code

By having an expert come in the home and change out your insulation you will find instant warmth to your home straight away

Welcome To UAC Insulation Contractors!

Here at UAC Insulation Contractors we like to make sure your home is living up to its maximum potential in terms of efficiency. This is achieved through various methods of inspecting the property to make sure you are getting the most out of your homes energy needs. This is done with our experts using the latest technology then recommending the best insulation material for you.

About Us

UAC Insulation Contractors was formed to combat home owner’s poor insulation. Most homes are unevenly heated and with the latest thermal imaging equipment, we can check to see where your home is dealing with the worst heat loss from. We have been in this business for over 10 years now and we have had great success in converting people to a more efficient insulation system that has brought down their heating bills. It also provides for a cooler home in the summer so you don’t have to run that AC unit so aggressively. So please feel free to explore our site and see which insulation would suit your property
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Our Services

Free heat loss assessment
We use the latest thermal imaging equipment to show you where your home is losing heat.
Picking the correct insulation
We look over the property to see what insulation you have and tell you why it’s not performing the correct job. We then show you some options that will be much more efficient.
Attic Insulation
We make sure your attic is properly insulated so you are getting the best from your heating system without having to worry about escaping heat.
Home insulation
We take care of every aspect of your home insulation needs; from attic insulation to wall insulation we have the best products